Tim has represented hundreds of clients in both state and federal courts, winning not guilty verdicts in both venues. He has had four felony cases completely dismissed in Federal Court in Seattle, without having to even go to trial. He has freed an innocent man from Death Row in Illinois, and freed another innocent man serving a 48 year sentence for a murder he did not commit.

Here are some of the categories of cases Tim works on in Federal Court:

  1. Drug Charges, including Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substances;
  2. Gun Charges, including Felon in Possession of Firearms or Ammunition and Armed Career Criminal cases;
  3. Sexual Assault Charges;
  4. Armed Bank Robbery Charges;
  5. Social Security Fraud and Federal Income Tax Evasion charges;
  6. Wire Fraud and Identity Theft charges;
  7. Cases occurring on Tribal Reservations, Miltary Bases and National Parks;
  8. Appeals and Post-Conviction Habeas Corpus actions;
  9. Representing witnesses before Federal Grand Juries.

Here are some of the categories of cases Tim works on in State Court:

  1.  Murder and Attempted Murder charges;
  2.  Assault I, II, III and IV;
  3.  All Drug charges;
  4.  All Gun charges;
  5.  Sexual Assault charges;
  6.  Armed robbery and robbery;
  7.  All Burglary charges;
  8.  Theft and Identity Fraud charges.

Tim will discuss your case with you over the phone or in person, and offers a free 30 minute consultation.  He accepts cash, checks and credit cards.  Tim’s general practice is to charge an hourly fee for his services, meaning that you save money if your case is settled or dismissed, saving you from paying for a trial upfront that may never occur.

Tim is currently rated 9.4, or “superb” on AVVO and is listed as one of the Top 1ooTrial Lawyers in Washington State by the National Trial Lawyers organization.

Federal Court:  Drug, Sex, Gun, Fraud and DUI Charges:

Mr. Lohraff has won freedom for his clients in Federal Court by not only going to trial and winning not guilty verdicts, but through filing well researched and appropriate motions. In U.S. v. Zildaj Perez, CR04-00109RBL, Mr. Perez was found not guilty after a jury trial on very serious charges of sexual assault. (Federal Court in Tacoma).

In U.S. v. Arrelano-Salgado, the government dropped all gun charges against Mr. Arrelano-Salgado after Mr. Lohraff filed a motion to suppress the evidence because of an illegal AFT search of his house. The Court granted the motion, and Mr. Arrelano-Salgado walked free.  In another case, U.S. v. Aweke Dubi, CR03-00016 TSZ, Mr. Lohraff filed a motion to suppress evidence because Mr. Dubi who spoke Amharic, was only interviewed by English speaking agents. Again, the government dismissed all charges against Mr. Dubi. (Mr. Arrelano-Salgado’s case in Federal Court in Tacoma, Mr. Dubi’s case in Federal Court in Seattle).

In yet another victory, the government dismissed all serious drug charges against Mr. Lohraff’s client, Tho Le, after Mr. Lohraff established that instead of making illegal drug deliveries, Mr. Le was actually hard at work at a factory in Tukwila.  Mr. Le walked free with all counts against him dismissed. U.S. v. Tho Le, CR12-00041RSL. (Federal Court in Seattle).


Federal law and procedures differ widely from State Court law and procedures. This is especially true in cases involving Driving Under the Influence. Mr. Lohraff has represented several hundred clients on DUI charges in Federal Courts in Seattle and Tacoma since 2002. IT has been his honor to represent many men and women in our country’s armed services.  If you are charged with a DUI in Federal Court, you need an attorney with the confidence built over years of practice in both the jurisdiction and complex area of law.