Tim Lohraff, currently rated 9.4 on AVVO , a rating of “superb” is also honored to be one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Washington State. Tim has practiced criminal defense and civil rights law since he completed clerking for two different judges on the Illinois Supreme Court (Justice Ben Miller and Justice John Stamos) after graduating from the University of Illinois College of Law in 1987. Tim was born and raised in the Midwest. Tim obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Tim attended law school after reading the biography of Clarence Darrow, the great Chicago criminal and civil rights lawyer, and focused on constitutional and criminal law. For Tim, becoming a lawyer was about being able to fight for justice for people against an unjust, racist and unfair criminal “justice” system.

Entire Career Focused on Fighting Government and Injustice

After clerking for Justice Stamos in 1988, Tim joined the Cook County Public Defender’s Office in Chicago. He started in traffic court, winning four of his first seven misdemeanor jury trials, before moving up the ranks to felony drug court. His final years as an Assistant Cook County Public Defender were spent in the felony courtrooms of the Criminal Courts Building at 26 and California Avenues in Chicago.

At “26 and Cal” (as it was called) Tim represented clients on all state major felony charges, obtaining not guilty verdicts in a murder case, several aggravated sexual assault cases; an armed robbery case and a number of cases involving drug and gun charges. He also successfully litigated numerous motions to suppress evidence due to illegal searches and seizures by the Chicago police, resulting in drug and gun charges being dismissed after findings that the police violated his clients’ constitutional rights.

After seven years as an Assistant Public Defender in Chicago, Tim moved to the private law firm the People’s Law Office, eventually becoming a partner at the firm. People’s Law Office represents not only criminal defendants, but victims of police brutality, false arrest and civil rights violations. It has a proud 40 plus year existence, standing up for ordinary people against government racism, injustice and repression.

Client on Death Row Walks Free

At People’s Law Office, Tim represented numerous victims of infamous former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge, who was eventually sent to Federal Prison for lying about his use of torture to obtain confessions from innocent suspects. For example, Tim and his partners were able to successfully fight for Aaron Patterson who was freed from death row in 2003 after the People’s Law Office obtained a new court hearing for Aaron from the Illinois Supreme Court based upon Mr. Patterson having been tortured by Jon Burge.

Mr. Lohraff also represented Darrell Cannon, another victim of torture and coerced confession at the hands of detectives working under Burge. Mr. Lohraff and his partners were able to get Mr. Cannon released from prison after reaching an agreement with prosecutors in the middle of a court-ordered hearing focusing on the torture used against Mr. Cannon to obtain a coerced confession.

Innocent Man Released From Prison

Tim, with his partners Joey Mogul and Jeff Haas at People’s Law Office successfully obtained the release of Rene Castillo, an innocent man serving a 48 year prison sentence for a murder he did not commit. Mr. Castilllo went on to sue the Chicago Police Department for his unlawful prosecution and conviction and obtained a settlement of one million dollars.

Tim and his wife subsequently moved from Chicago to Seattle in 2002. Tim was hired as an Assistant Federal Public Defender in Seattle, and practiced in Federal Courts in Seattle and Tacoma for six years, from 2002 to 2008. While at the Federal Defender’s Office, Tim obtained a not guilty verdict in a Federal jury trial in Tacoma U.S. v. Zildaj Perez, CR04-00109RBL. Mr. Perez was found not guilty of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Federal Cases Dismissed

 Tim has successfully gotten the government to outright dismiss four Federal felony charges against four different clients in four different cases: 1)  Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substances, a charge carrying up to 20 years in prison was dismissed against Tim’s client Rafael Valadez-Vasquez (United States v. Valadez, CR15-269RAJ); 2) Conspiracy to Manufacture Marijuana charge carrying a mandatory minimum five year sentence was dismissed after Tim showed the government that his client could not have committed the crime as he was at work during the events at issue (U.S. v. Tho Le, CR12-00041RSL); 3) charges of Alien in Possession of Firearms were dismissed after Mr. Lohraff won a motion to suppress evidence based upon the illegal search of his client’s house (U.S. v. Arrelano-Salgado, CR09-5360RJB); and 4) a charge of Making a False Statement was dismissed against client Aweke Dubi after Mr. Lohraff filed motions contesting the government’s case (U.S. v. Aweke Dubi, CR03-00016TSZ).

Mr. Lohraff also represented clients in federal court on major drug and gun conspiracy cases; sexual assault charges; social security charges; illegal re-entry and immigration charges; mail theft charges; and armed bank robbery. He further represented hundreds of clients charged with federal misdemeanors charged while the clients were on military bases in Washington State and National Parks, such as Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier National Park.

In 2008, Tim left the Federal Defender’s Office to work part time in private practice as well as run and manage a book store in Tacoma called Meta Books. Due to the recession, Meta Books was closed in 2010, and Tim went back to full-time practice as a criminal defense attorney in Federal and State Court.

Tim’s entire career has been dedicated to fighting for the accused. His entire career has focused on criminal defense and civil rights work. He is an experienced fighter who will work to fight the government on your behalf.

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